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Birdsong Bodywork & Pilates opened in 2016 with the dream of integrating Movement and Massage Therapy under the same roof.


Because one size does not fit all, we use a combination of One-on-One instruction, Massage Therapy and small classes to strengthen your body, increase joint health, release muscle tension, restructure connective tissue and provide stress relief.


We believe an environment that is safe, caring and supportive is the best way to help you find a healthy relationship between you and your body. Our hope is for you to walk away feeling more present in your body.

Group Classes

We offer Pilates Mat and Springboard classes.

One-on-One Sessions are the foundation of our approach to fitness. What you learn about YOUR INDIVIDUAL BODY in these sessions not only sets you up for success in our classes, but in any exercise routine you practice.
Massage is an integral part of what we do. Our Massage Therapists are trained in a variety of techniques such as Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Soma Cupping, Stretching and more so your body receives exactly what it needs whether that's a relaxing Swedish Massage or a hamstring release before your next sports activity.
What our clients are saying...
If I knew then what I know now.... I have spondilolisthesis from being a gymnast and other sports injuries. This time last year I could barely walk or drive. Through Kim's gentle guidance and knowledge of pilates, massage and trigger point I walk and drive. No more pain and a lot more strength. Going to Birdsong is a whole health experience. Kim also constantly does research and looks for ways to help with my specific issues. I cannot recommend Birdsong enough.
Cecelia B.
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