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If you're looking for the focus of a One-on-One Session or the community of a small Pilates group class, or something in between... we've got you covered.



One-on-One sessions are an empowering and essential experience at Birdsong. Our client's begin their practice with a One-on-One session, allowing for an in-depth assessment prior to group instruction so they get directions tailored to exactly what they need. Schedule One-on-One sessions before attending group classes to learn personalized tools that will help you get the most out of classes and reach your physical goals, whether that means improving your athletic performance or simply moving better day to day. We offer sessions online and conveniently at your home.

Online Live Pilates

Group Mat Classes

Pilates Mat is a great way to shape, lengthen and strengthen your entire body. Our Beginner/Intermediate Pilates Mat Classes are designed to leave you feeling connected to your body from head to toe. Some classes may emphasize different parts of the body (arms, legs, feet, neck). 

Online Live Group Springboard Classes

Our Pilates Springboard classes use a wall unit with springs attached with the goal of lengthening and strengthening. The added resistance offers a fun and challenging way to work out your entire body and offers a great compliment to our mat workouts. Our clients find the extra resistance from the springs helps them locate their core abdominal muscles more easily.

Pilates Duets

Pilates Duets are a great way to stay committed to your fitness routine, enjoy support from a friend and save money. Sign up for sessions with a friend and watch each other grow in Pilates. If you do not already have a partner, please let us know you are looking for one, and we will try to line up another client with similar needs and schedule. We offer duets sessions online and conveniently in home.

I've been going to Birdsong bi-weekly for over a year. The studio has a lot of Pilates equipment, plenty of room for the mat-class size I want. I don't want a giant gym room full of people. Birdsong has highly competent teachers/practitioners/massage therapists, and they definitely give me personal attention. And the studio is beautiful, with a gorgeous mural by Jana Swec on the wall. I always feel good when I'm there.

Valerie C.

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