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Recovering from an injury or wanting to increase mobility? ELDOA can help!

The ELDOA Method teaches a perfect combination of effort and awareness with a major focus on alignment. Dr. Guy Voyer, a French osteopath, created the ELDOA method just a few decades ago. ELDOA is a French acronym that translates in English to “longitudinal osteoarticular decoaptation stretches”. "Osteoarticular" means bones and joints and "decoaptation" means opening. The goal of ELDOA is to create space within a precise joint or a segment of the spine using maximum opposing myofascial tension, or the tension of the fascia that encapsulate muscles. The ELDOA Method improves joint mechanics, increases blood flow, and reduces pressure on the discs, thereby reducing pain and allowing for spinal disc rehydration. The ELDOA Method also improves muscle tone, posture, and a general sense of well-being. There are different ELDOA postures for the shoulders, hips, ribs, skull, and each disc in the spine.



One-on-One Sessions are an empowering and essential experience at Birdsong and where all of our client's begin their practice. Individual sessions allow for in-depth assessment prior to instruction so you get directions tailored to exactly what you need that day. Schedule individual sessions before attending group classes to learn personalized tools that will help you get the most out of classes and reach your physical goals, whether that means improving your athletic performance or simply moving better day to day.


Group Class

ELDOA classes are an affordable option to reinforce your practice and create consistency in your routine. In addition to ELDOA, students practice awareness exercises, myofascial stretches, strengthening techniques and other methods created by Dr. Voyer. Each class sequence uses specially-chosen exercises that prepare students’ bodies for the powerful ELDOA postures taught in class.

Eldoa Duets

ELDOA Duets are a great way to stay committed to your fitness routine and save money. Sign up for sessions with a friend and watch each other grow in ELDOA. If you do not already have a partner, please let us know you are looking for one, and we will try to line up another client with similar needs and schedule.

I've been going to Birdsong bi-weekly for over a year. The studio has a lot of Pilates equipment, plenty of room for the mat-class size I want (I don't want a giant gym room full of people), highly competent teachers/practitioners/massage therapists, and they definitely give me personal attention. And the studio is beautiful, with a gorgeous mural by Jana Swec on the wall. I always feel good when I'm there.

Valerie C.

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