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Careers at Birdsong


Do you geek out on anatomy charts?

Do you love taking continuing ed classes and learning new ways to help your clients feel better than they’ve ever felt?

Birdsong Bodywork & Pilates is a community of passionate instructors and therapists from diverse backgrounds who love helping others feel good in their bodies. That’s right… we genuinely LOVE what we do and look forward to working with our clients and one another as a team. We take an holistic approach to exercise and wellness and use a combination of modalities including Pilates, Eldoa Method, Bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy to give our clients the benefits and advantages of our combined experience which is currently over 40 years.


We currently have 2 positions available for contract work at Birdsong:

1.) Certified Pilates Instructor

    2.) Licensed Massage Therapist


* A Certified Pilates Instructor or Licensed Massage Therapist
* Available on evenings and weekends



* Above Average Pay
* Possibility of advancement through additional classes/clients
* Use of equipment when available for personal workouts
* Discounts on merchandise (herbal tinctures, foam rollers, and more…)
* Discounts on services (Pilates, Eldoa, Massage)
* A nurturing work environment
* A treasure trove of experienced co-workers who love to share their knowledge

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